Violer er blå (violets are blue), 2022
Cyanotypes on cotton paper, found frames
LEV VEL SØD TØS LAV MAD PAS PAA (live well be cute cook food take care), 2022
Inkjet print on wallpaper
The work Violer er blå (violets are blue) is based on inherited photo albums and poetry books from the artist’s family. Poetry books were a tradition among young girls until the 1990s and were used to collect greetings in the form of poems from friends and relatives.
By showing photographs and poems in a new context, Hammer Tiittanen explores how the women in her family have been portrayed throughout a century, as well as what roles, values ​​and expectations we inherit from our mothers.
In the self-portrait LEV VEL SØD TØS LAV MAD PAS PAA (live well, be cute, cook food, take care), which is the second part of the project, the artist places herself in dialogue with her ancestry. The title comes from cross rhymes in the poetry books.​​​​​​​
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