Ghosts and other illusions is an exhibition by Nanna Hammer Tiittanen showing work from her artist residency at Gathenhielmska Huset, one of the oldest houses in Gothenburg. Sharing stories of ghosts in the attic, doors leading nowhere, fake gardens, trompe l’oeils and stoves that cannot be lit, she investigates some of the ways our senses can deceive us – be it through sight or the passage of time.
The exhibition is about the house and in the house. Stretching over several rooms the works differ from projections in conversation with precious old tapestries to texts and photographs telling personal stories experienced in the house. All works are accompanied by sound art by Lunr Girl. 
Ghostmachine - diaprojection on wall
Memory projection on the Versailles Castle - slide projections on wall painting
Ghoststories - backprojected stop motion video. Sound by Lunr Girl.
Windows I, slide viewer with 4 different slides
Ghosts and Other Illusions - framed c-prints, silver gelatine prints and machine written texts
Windows II-IX, 8 polaroids
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